B2B platform operation leader

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the product image processing, optimization, typesetting, etc. of the foreign trade products of the company's B2B platform and the product catalogue of the company;

2. Operate the natural flow of search engines to the website, improve the ranking of industry keywords in major search engines, and be responsible for search traffic.

3. Develop a staged promotion plan for the website and complete the staged promotion tasks;

4. Responsible for the decoration and maintenance of the store;

5. Responsible for planning and production of website and marketing materials (brochure, promotional video).


1. Have certain image design and processing capabilities

2. SEO promotion ability

3. Website operation capability

4. Planning, execution and communication skills.


Taobao customer service (graduate graduates)

First, the job description:

1. Responsible for the customer service work of the company Taobao shop, guiding customers to complete the purchase process;

2, handling the daily affairs of Taobao shop, including network message reply, arrival tracking, customer inquiry processing, return and exchange processing;

3. Regularly maintain customer relationships, understand customer needs, and promote interaction and sales.

Second, personality traits

Love the e-commerce industry; gentle personality, patience, good service awareness, strong resilience, and proactive work.

Third, schedule

Take a break (at home at night).


Mechanical design (graduate)

1. Responsible for the development and design of laver machinery;

2. Draw the product assembly drawing and parts drawing;

job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above, mechanical design and other related professional quality fresh graduates;

2. Familiar with one or more softwares of CAD, Solidworks, autocad;

3, have a team spirit, be brave and willing to share.


Foreign Trade Assistant (graduate)

Job Responsibilities:

1. Assist the business supervisor to track the production of each order and deliver it on time, and recover the amount that should be recovered;

2. Collect customer information and maintain new and old customer relationships;

2. Handling all kinds of mail exchanges;

3. Other work assigned by the superior.


1. Graduates of 2018, international economics and trade and other related majors, have good English listening, reading and writing skills;

2, outstanding professional performance in school, scholarship winners are preferred;

3, can endure hardship, have good communication and understanding skills.


Recruitment Contact: Manager Zhang, Tel: 0513-85327669


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